Homebrew Marketing

Homebrew Marketing

A Marketing Company must have a well designed website in order to succeed

Homebrew is a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in Branding and Advertising. We helped them create an elegant website in order to help take their company to the next level.

Integrated marketing offers opportunities to break through to consumers in new markets.

Successful online marketing takes more than just hard work. It’s about understanding the core purpose of your campaign and devising a long-term plan geared around maximising conversions. A great website is a key component to help a marketing company succeed.

Why Use React JS?

React.js is best for building single page, SEO friendly web applications. The sites also load much faster then their Wordpress counterparts.

React.js is a great approach to UI design that lets developers to create reusable components which helps build smarter applications and reduces the time to develop a web application. These components keep the user interface consistent for the user and allows developers to reuse code when adding new features or services to the application leading to a more stable website.

React.js also makes it easier for JavaScript developers and frontend designers to learn and build better and more robust websites. A lot of websites we use daily are built on React.js such as Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram!

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